Christopher Hill. I have an affinity for Tiffany Pollard, mermaids and all other ocean dwelling creatures. Currently enrolled in my third year of Sheridan College's animation program.


Sailor Knights II

Super Sailor Mercury Battle Armour.

Originally, I was going to give Mercury a sword because it seems like she usually gets picked as the tome wielding, magic user of the group, almost by default and I think she’s tougher than more people give her credit for… But then I remembered her little computer and her “Shine Aqua Illusion” attack and it just seemed right that she be taking people out with some fierce Arcane magic!

(I’m gonna call these guys Sailor Knights from now on since I fully plan to do them all and I want to have something to call them all together)

Sailor Moon

She’s soooo cool!


Neopets f-forever…

i agree, long live neopets


La Soldier

Super Sailor Moon Battle Armour.

I have plans for all these tough ladies, now I just have to decide who to do next! 

(also the drab background is just a place holder until I can come up with something better… I just really wanted to get this posted)

So awesome! Them boots!!!


Xena for a past Sketch Dailies.

I wasn’t technically allowed to watch Xena when it was originally on. One day I went to my then-best-friend’s father’s house and he was watching it and I remember seeing the opening credits with this great powerful woman ridding a horse and swinging a sword and looking fierce and wearing black leather armour instead of smilling coyly in a pale nightgown… and I was instantly intrigued and in love with the show. But my mother didn’t like the violence or some nonesense, so I couldn’t watch it at home.

Thankfully, I had another best friend friend later who’s whole family watched all the shows I unjustly wasn’t supposed to watch and I got to see a lot more of Xena, though I never got to see the whole thing and was often confused because I only saw intermittent episodes. Thank the gods for Netflix!

Sorry mom, my love of amazing, independent female warriors is unstoppable. 


Tomodachi Life.

Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask duet.


Русалочка (1968) by Ivan Aksenchuk

My favourite thing ever.

I glowin

Some Guild Wars 2 Drawings :D


Our screening today! Congratulations to everyone, cry because it’s done and laugh because we do it again all alone next year. #thirdyearfilms thanks to everyone this year :)

The Bride.